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Xin Chao and Welcome to Vietnam


We created Hanoi Travel Mate as a small boutique travel company, which unlike most travel agencies that try to sell every single tourist destination they can, will specialise only in Vietnam and in particular Hanoi and the surrounding area. We are not interested in becoming the most extensive tour company but want to be proud of the tours we offered. Our mission is to send our clients home with great memories lasting a lifetime.

After living and working in the city for the past 15 years, we are considered the leading tourist experts for travel to Hanoi. We are continually researching throughout the city, seeking out new and unique travel products and experiences.

To us, Hanoi has become a passion, an excellent source of many types of research, discovery and knowledge of the most amazing and pleasurable travel experiences. At the same time, we somehow wanted to share our knowledge and skills with those who wish to discover the very best of what Hanoi has to offer.”