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On Foot

Despite heavy traffic (especially during rush hour), Hanoi is a walkable city. Most streets have paved sidewalks, and many attractions are near each other. The narrow streets of the Old Quarter (Hoàn Kiếm) are particularly ideal for exploring on foot.
Shaded paths encircle Hanoi’s many lakes. South of West Lake, the Botanical Garden (Công viên Bách thảo) is also a good place for walking.
Crosswalks are marked, but cars and scooters do not yield to pedestrians, and traffic signals are rare. When crossing a busy street, it’s advisable to continue at a slow but steady pace. Oncoming traffic will weave around you. You can reduce the risk of street theft by keeping phones, and cameras concealed when not in use

By Bike
Biking around the city centre is not recommended for first-time visitors. The streets are busy, and there are no dedicated lanes. Bikers can be found in areas with less traffic, such as Hoàn Kiếm Lake and West Lake.
Bicycles can be rented at various locations, including from many hotels. THBC – The Hanoi Bicycle Collective and Hanoi Bike Tour, both near West Lake, rent bikes for around VND 180,000 per day