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Taxis are very easy to hail on the street in Hanoi. It’s advisable to take a green Mai Linh (+84 4-3861-6161) or Hanoi Group (+84 4-3853-5353) taxi since their cars run on meters. Both cash and credit cards are accepted.
Taxis can be found around major tourist attractions, shopping centres and hotels. You can also ask restaurant staff to call for a Mai Linh or Hanoi Group cab.

Ride service
Ride services such as Uber and Grab are an alternative to taxis, matching passengers with car and motorbike drivers via the mobile app. Grab also allows users to book a car in advance. While Uber rides are paid by credit card via the app, journeys using the Grab app are cash-only. Note that rates can go up during high-demand periods

Cyclos, 3-wheeled bicycles, can be found throughout the city, especially in the major tourist attractions. They travel at a leisurely pace for sightseeing.
Visitors can pay for a Cyclo ride from the driver. The asking price for a ride tends to be around VND 50,000/hour. The driver will likely ask for a much higher price (VND 250,000 or higher) but after a bit of haggling will typically agree to a lower amount. Be aware of petty theft when riding in the Cyclo and keep belongings close by.