Hanoi, Vietnam

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Hanoi, Vietnam

A Thousand years ago, in the Royal Edict on the transfer of the capital ( from Hoa Lu – Ninh Binh – to Thang Long ). King Ly Thai To spoke about the central position of Thang Long (Hanoi): “It is the most beautiful place bringing together men and riches coming from four cardinal points. It is also a great capital for a royal dynasty for ten thousand generations”. This prophecy has become true and now, at the beginning of the XXIst century, Hanoi has become the central of reunified Vietnam, A Vietnam trying to reach a position worthy of it in South- East Asia and in the whole world”.

Hanoi is situated in the central part of the Red River Delta, and favoured by natural conditions, from the geographical configuration to its rich ecological system: the community oof its inhabitants, laborious and creative has created a long-standing cultural capital, both original and beautiful. It has been the political – economic – cultural centre, during many dynasties, of all the Vietnamese nation. Three most powerful dynasties of Vietnam, The Ly, The Tran, The Le, founded their capital in Thang Long. Since 1945 until now, Hanoi has been the capital of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and now, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

During a period of nearly a thousand years, Hanoi inhabitants have created and left an important cultural heritage and sacred historical sites for all the Vietnamese nation, In this community, an elegant and humanitarian style of life imbued with hospitability and respectfulness towards the old and ancestral tradition has taken shape. Hanoi and its vicinity have preserved many traditional handicrafts and festivals rich in national colour.

With all these characteristic mentioned above, Hanoi has become one of the most appealing capitals in the world, according to many foreign tourists. And now, with its new universities, institutes, libraries, Hanoi has become worthy of being the scientific central of-of Vietnam. In the process of industrialisation and modernization, in Hanoi have been set up many modern factories and enterprises, some of them belonging to clean industrial branches appropriate to the requirements of the protection of the environment.