Hanoi Sofitel Metropole

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Hanoi Sofitel Metropole First Luxury Hotel

The grand old Hanoi Sofitel Metropole with its classic Citroens parked out in front, was Hanoi’s first luxury hotel. In it heydeys. It’s played host to moustachioed planters, colonial administrators and smart French Army officers and their ladies. In the thirties, jazz and the Charleston became the rage at the nightly dances in this hotel. Construction of the hotel was fully completed in 1901, its distinguished visitors’ book still holds the names of Somerset Maugham. Noel Coward and Graham Green Charlie Chaplin spent his honeymoon at the Metropole. Along with numerous heads of state. There were some famous customers who used to stay here like film stars Catherihe Deneuve, Jane Fonda (while she did her controversial broadcasts) Michael Cain (filming The Quiet American), even Mick Jagger and Robert De Niro. It seems that nearly everyone of any note has stayed there, except perhaps you and me.

Hanoi Sofitel Metropole

The Charming of Hanoi Sofitel Metropole

The traditional Neo-Classical facade of Hanoi Sofitel Metropole remains, now with its white colour (I suspect it was originally ochre). And the arched, green-shuttered windows and balustrade balconies of the hotel looking out towards the former Hotel du Coq opposite. Now it became the Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam. Recently they updated the interior in the spirit of a luxurious traditional hotel with dark wood panelling, antique-style Asian furniture, ceiling fans (Ornamental), or with blue-and-white ceramics of the period. The dark-stained wooden fretwork of the hotel that frames the square atrium, opening Hanoi Sofitel Metropole as The grand old Metropole Hotel with its classic Citroen parked Maughan Noel Coward. Hanoi Sofitel Metropole

The surrounding areas of Hanoi Sofitel Metropole

Strolling through the lobby to the bar. You can try a good place for lemonade, a recharging coffee or something stronger. Noting the old photographs of Hanoi as I go.