Hanoi is the city for peace.

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Hanoi is the City for Peace


Nowadays, Hanoi constantly received great reviews as a tourist attraction.

What is there to it that makes it so attractive!!

You may not know this but in 1999, Ha Noi was awarded by UNESCO as”Hanoi The city for peace” as it fits all four criteria: equality among the community, environment protection, cultural and educational development, education of citizens and youngsters.

Hanoi is a combination of modernity and tradition. As the capital city of Viet Nam, it has a very long-lived history and culture. To witness the very antiquity of Hanoi, destinations like the Temple of Literature need to be shown.

Considered the first university in Vietnam, The Temple of Literature is not only a famous historical monument of Hanoi capital but also a place of cultural values. Built-in 1070 at the time of Emperor Ly Thanh Tong, it is among a few temples in Vietnam which are dedicated to scholars and doctors. The temple preserves a staggering 82 doctoral steles, which is why it is considered a National Treasure. This is considered one of the most precious cultural heritage, the stone materials left by our former generation. It is the most eloquent testament to the fondness of learning for our ancestors and previous generations of students. As proof for the significance of the place, it is featured on the back of the 100,000 Vietnamese dong banknote. With such important cultural and historical values, in 2010, 82 Doctoral steles at Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam were recognized by the UNESCO International Organization as a World Heritage Site in  Asia – Pacific, and later as World Documentary Heritage on a global scale.

The sharp contrast to Hanoi’s antiquity is more modern constructions like Hotel Sofitel Metropole that is still filled with the memory of the French colonial era. The five-star hotel, which is located Ngo Quyen street,  is influenced by the sophisticated ancient architectural style of the French colonial era. During the resistance war against the US, the hotel became a place to welcome politicians, diplomats and internationally renowned people from all around the world, and it still brings back the painful but glorious memories of the war against the US. Metropole is one of the few remaining hotels in the area that still retains its old look. Sofitel Metropole features classic features through white wall paint, green doors, sophisticated iron motifs, wooden wall panels and a verdant grass field. The hotel is known not only for its delicious food and a famous pub but also for a health center, a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, business and conference facilities. Sofitel Metropole has been continuously selected as one of the leading hotels not only in Hanoi but also throughout Vietnam and Asia.

Besides, Hanoi has many other scenic spots that tourists can admire the modern urban life but also visit the relics bearing the time stamp such as Thang Long Citadel, Ngoc Son Temple, Turtle Tower, Tran Quoc Pagoda, O Quan Chuong, Thang Long, four towns, Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam, … Old Quarter is the highlight of Hanoi tourism. Hanoi 36 streets with old houses and streets still retain their looks from the 19th century. You can wander all day on the old streets, discover peaceful and simple places. inherent in Hanoi. Coming here, you can feel the beauty of Hanoi people, close and familiar.

Hanoi not only has many beautiful landscapes, but the ancient capital Thang Long has been famous for its rich and unique culinary essence, attracting many tourists to enjoy. Visitors can enjoy world-famous dishes here with cheap costs such as pho, bun cha, ice cream Trang Tien … The Telegraph page (UK) has ranked Hanoi in the first position in the list the city has the most impressive cuisine in the world. Besides, Hanoi is among the cheapest destinations in the world: In 2016, Hanoi was voted among the world’s cheapest destinations. Accordingly, the average expenditure of international tourists in Hanoi is about 110 USD / day and domestic tourists are about 55 USD / day.

Hanoi is a Safe city with friendly people: Hanoi people have never been cold urban people, living without responsibility to the community. Somewhere in every road, street corner, under the traditional house, the deep tile roofs of moss, elegant lifestyle, courteous and friendly behaviour can still be seen from the people in Hanoi after thousand years of historical memory. Weaving between the modern space created by skyscrapers, modern transportation system … is always the traditional soul that is making a Hanoi – Green – Civilization – Modern day.

Hanoi is a land area characterized by tropical monsoon climate of Vietnam with 4 seasons: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter. For those who travel, the changing weather makes Hanoi more diverse and fascinating. Each season has its own charm. But the best season to visit is autumn, especially for foreign visitors growing in the tropical region, as visiting Hanoi in the autumn is very appropriate. Hanoi is dry in autumn, the sky is high, the wind and eyes are bright, the sun is yellow like honey and the water is clear as crystal.


The summit between America and North Korea is held in Hanoi on February 27 and 28. The event of the US-Trieu summit not only received the attention of numerous domestic newspapers

but thousands of foreign news agencies, news agencies and newspapers. Vietnam has issued operational cards to nearly 3,000 international reporters participating in the operation as the ultimate goal of this event is overcoming the long-term inter-Korean conflict with intercontinental missile nuclear weapons and non-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula, heading for GLOBAL PEACE.

So why is Hanoi chose for such a HUGE event

It must be said that at this time, Hanoi has had good results in many aspects: The political and security situation is generally good, the economy is on the rise and the social situation is stable ..Hanoi is now considered to be A friendly and peaceful place and is now representing WORLD PEACE. Vietnam has been chosen for practical reasons when all parties of interest value Vietnam ‘s ability to provide a high-quality security environment for the conference.

The summit conference takes place in no other than the Metropole hotel. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi has hosted dignitaries and celebrities, from Charlie Chaplin on his honeymoon in 1936 to “Hanoi Jane” Fonda during her 1970 anti-war campaign and even Mr Trump himself during a recent visit to Vietnam’s capital.

Hanoi has succeeded in leaving a great impression on President Donald Trump as he tweeted on Twitter: “Just arrived in Vietnam. Thank you to all of the people for the great reception in Hanoi. Tremendous crowds, and so much love!”. He is also very pleased with food in Hanoi as he added “Great meetings and dinner tonight in Vietnam with Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Very good dialogue. Resuming tomorrow!” Former President Barack Obama also gave a lot of great compliments to Hanoi on his visit to Vietnam in 2016.

Hanoi’s attractive force lies in not only scenic landmarks, mind-blowing tourist attractions, delicious food, welcome people but also the place itself has the charm to make people feel at ease, feel the peace, and the power to connect people all around the world. Woken up from a Rather painful, but victorious history, and with continuous effort to fight for peace, Hanoi deserves to be the symbol of peace.

It has been 20 years that we are celebrating the title of “Hanoi the city for peace“.

We are confirming this recognition every day and heading towards further goals in the near future.